Type And Use Of Earth Anchor

Type And Use Of Earth Anchor

Sep 14, 2017

The Earth anchor are divided into two types: pile type anchor and horizontal ground anchor. Pile type ground anchors are suitable for cable wind with little fixed force and seldom used in structural hoisting. Horizontal anchor is to a few log (wood or steel) for using wire rope bundled together and placed horizontally in the anchor pit, one end of the rope from the hole in the front of slot, rope and the Angle of the ground shall be equal to the Angle of the spring wind and ground, and then use earth-rock backfill compaction. The depth of the log and the number of logs should be determined according to the size and soil quality of the anchor, and the depth is 1.5~ 2m, and the force can be 30~ 150kN. The length of the log is 1~ 1.5m. When the tension is more than 75kN, the anchor crossbar should be increased. When the tension is greater than 150kN, the vertical and wood walls are strengthened to increase the transverse resistance of the soil

The level of anchor

(a) ordinary horizontal nippers; (b) a horizontal anchor with a pressure plate and a wooden wall

1 - bar; 2 - cable; 3 - wooden wall; 4 - pillar; 5 - linking piece

Great anchor force (such as heavy mast crane and cable anchor wind cable crane) application of reinforced concrete production, its size, strength grade of concrete and reinforcement must be approved by designer.

Horizontal ground anchors and use should be noted:

(1) the ground anchor shall be buried in the hard soil, and the ground shall not be wet or stagnant.

(2) no rotten wood shall be used as anchor, and the cross - wood shall be fastened to the rope, and the corners shall be strengthened with Angle steel. The wire rope should be securely tied.

(3) important anchors should be calculated and buried and tested.

(4) after the ground anchor is buried, it shall be examined in detail before it can be used. When using, there should be a special person in charge of the guard, such as deformation, should be taken immediately to reinforce.