The Possible Consequences Of Wire Rope Rejection?

The Possible Consequences Of Wire Rope Rejection?

Sep 14, 2017

Sliding rope

Because of the large exudation of grease, the friction relation between the original wire rope and the friction liner becomes the friction relation between the wire rope and the oil layer, which will inevitably reduce the friction coefficient.

Damage pad

Normal operation of the equipment, the gasket to withstand pressure below 3Mpa, the pressure value is much lower than the compressive strength of the liner, will not cause damage to the gasket. There is oil medium between wire rope and liner, the medium mixed with ash and other hard points, these points will be embedded in hard liner under the suitable conditions, the formation of pits on the liner surface pits will expand in several subsequent role in particle, then the oil into the pit, when the steel wire rope is running again, will be closed pit at this time, the pit of the oil will produce great pressure, when the pressure is greater than the material capacity, will be in the weak point of material, which pits the edge crack, multiple crack propagation, finally, it is flaking, pits become larger and deeper, and ultimately into one, at the same time the next cycle begins, and cycle speed, shorten the time. Oblique inserted friction pad joints are often such cases. We attribute this phenomenon to pitting corrosion.

Spalling damage to the liner, is the main reason of early failure of liner event, not only speed up the lost shift rope groove material, material properties and cause the bottom rope groove depth decreases sharply, this phenomenon should be avoided. As soon as possible, excess grease and impurities between the rope and the surface of the liner shall be removed as soon as possible, and the rope trough shall be removed as soon as possible.