Rigging With The Use Of Precautions You Know How Much?

Rigging With The Use Of Precautions You Know How Much?

Sep 14, 2017

Rigging and spreader in a certain sense has some similar precautions, but some of the characteristics of the rigging itself determines his own unique note worthy of our attention, the following to combine some of the characteristics of rigging about the cable With the note.

First, in the use of rigging process can not appear to rigidity deformation of the torque or shear stress, because it is easy to make it serious damage, if not pay attention to it is likely to cause some serious consequences. Second, it is not allowed to knot knot, because once knotted words will inevitably affect their own changes in the force and the overall balance of performance stability, so we use the rigging time must not happen knotting situation.

There is the time in the use of the load do not let the shock, because in the shock when the load is relatively large, the role of the force point is likely to produce a larger stress, it is likely to exceed the ultimate stress will occur immediately Some broken and other dangerous phenomena. Each rig must be checked before use to ensure safety.