How Should The Eye Nut Be Selected?

How Should The Eye Nut Be Selected?

Sep 14, 2017

eye nut is a common standard fastener, and also an essential component of all manufacturing machinery. It is widely used in mechanical and electrical products. The hanging eye nut is often used as a pendant in engineering.

The rings below the nut with a screw thread, according to the different specifications, drilling, using screw fixation, with external thread column, lifting equipment, such as mold, chassis, motor etc.. Then, how should the rings nut be selected?

First of all, to ensure the safety of work is the most important, and then should consider the connection size and other factors, so as to achieve safety, economic and beautiful. In order to correctly select and use the rings nuts, it is necessary to make a thorough analysis of the force condition, to study the contents stipulated in the standards and to have a more thorough understanding.