Die Castings

Die Castings

Sep 14, 2017

The scratch, tension, tension mark and die mark feature of the die casting: along the direction of demoulding, because of the metal adhesion, the mold manufacturing slope is too small, resulting in the surface of the casting strain marks, seriously become pulled surface.


1, the casting angle of core and mold wall is too small or inverted.

2, core, wall pressure scars.

3, alloy adhesion mold.

4, casting out deviation or core axis deviation.

5, the surface of the wall is rough.

6, paint often can not be sprayed.

7, the content of iron in aluminum alloy is less than 0.6%.

Hollow louver glass

Elimination measures:

1. Adjust the mold to ensure the manufacturing slope.

2, light indentation.

3, reasonable design of gating system to avoid metal flow around the core, wall, and appropriately reduce the filling speed.

4. Fix the die structure.

5, polished surface.

6, paint dosage is thin and even, can not leak spraying paint.

7, appropriate increase in iron content to 0.6~0.8%.