Basic Requirements For Die Casting Alloys

Basic Requirements For Die Casting Alloys

Sep 14, 2017

The performance of aluminum alloy includes two aspects: service performance and process performance. Service performance is the general requirement for the alloy, including physical, mechanical and chemical properties, for the use of the casting. As for the process performance, in the case of die casting, the alloy used for die casting shall have the following properties according to the process characteristics of die casting:

(1) liquid flow is good, easy to fill the complex cavity, in order to obtain the surface quality of the die casting.

(2) sufficient strength and plasticity at elevated temperatures.

(3) shrinkage is small, in order to avoid casting deformation and cracks when casting, and to ensure the dimensional accuracy of die castings.

(4) the range of crystallization temperature is small, so as to avoid excessive shrinkage and shrinkage of the die casting parts.

(5) the mold cavity corrosion is less.