Application Of Anchor Rod

Application Of Anchor Rod

Sep 14, 2017

According to the situation, the foundation screw can be divided into fixed anchor screw, movable movable anchor screw, expansion anchor, foundation screw and bonding foundation screw. On the application of different types of anchor bolts will be different, the anchor screw manufacturers Shanghai Xiangsheng will come to share different kinds of anchor bolts are used.

1, fixed anchor screws, also known as short foot screws, which are irrigated with the foundation, used to fix no strong vibration and impact of equipment.

2, movable anchor screws, also known as long foundation screws, is a removable anchor screw, used to fix the work of a strong vibration and impact of heavy machinery and equipment.

3, expansion anchor, anchor screws are often used for fixed static simple equipment or auxiliary equipment. The installation of the anchor bolt shall meet the following requirements:

(1) the diameter of the anchor bolt from the center of the bolt to the edge of the foundation is not less than 7 times the diameter of the anchor bolt;

(2) the foundation strength of anchor bolt for expansion anchor shall not be less than 10MPa;

(3) there shall be no cracks in the borehole, and attention shall be paid to preventing the collision between the drill bit and the reinforcing bar and the buried pipe in the foundation;

4, bonding anchor screw is a common foundation screw in recent years. Its method and requirement are same as expansion anchor foot screw. But when the adhesive, pay attention to the holes in the debris blown clean, and not allowed to damp.