Anchored System 220KN Earth Anchor Ground Anchor

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Product Description

Solar Energy anchor system earth anchor ground anchor

This type anchor were designed anchor with a large surface area that is linked to a high yield tie bar or tendon. The anchor can then can be driven into the ground to the required depth, have a tensile load applied to the tendon which then, in turn, rotates the anchor, allowing the exposed end to be terminated and locked into position with any one of our large range of accessories and plates depending on the application and your requirements.

The anchor can be combined with a number of accessories, tendons and plates to form systems that can be utilised in many different applications and solutions.

Material: Steel

Surface treatment: Paint or as requirement

Type: 1-450KN


Assemble with screw anchor and thimble eye nuts

Suitable to M24  M20 M16


Assemble parts


Choose your anchor size and tie with anchor rod

Single, double or triple eye nuts tie with anchor rod

M24 or designed anchor rod, galvanized


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