Wire rope clamp use precautions

Wire rope clamp use precautions

Sep 14, 2017

1, the layout of the wire rope clip

The correct arrangement of the wire rope clamp should be clamped on the working section of the rope, U-shaped bolt buckle in the tail of the rope, the wire rope can not be arranged on the wire rope alternately.

2, the number of wire rope clip

For use in accordance with the standard requirements, the minimum number of wire clamps required for each connection is recommended by the number shown.

3, the distance between the wire rope clip

4, the strength of the rope clamp fixed

Rope caught in the actual use, by one or two should be checked after the farthest from the collar of the rope can not be the first single fastening. The rope clamp (the first rope) closest to the collar should be as close as possible to the collar, but still ensure that the rope is properly tightened and that the outer wire of the wire rope is not damaged.