What is spiral pile technology?

What is spiral pile technology?

Sep 14, 2017

The previous history of the spiral pile was traced back to the 1830s and was first used as a lighthouse in the tidal lot in England as a field anchor system. Since the 1840s, the spiral piles have been prospering, and the early stage mainly ACTS as an anchor. After the 1880 s, as a kind of share common advantage instead of pile type, the screw pile in the United States, Australia and Europe and other countries are widely used, can be satisfied with compressive strength, uplift and horizontal force and other project requirements.

Spiral pile is a kind of metal or nonmetal materials with spiral blade column pipe pile or pile, using special equipment for rotary screw into the ground, instead of concrete independent foundation and strip foundation, the pile top load, its strengths for the construction of quick and convenient, greatly shorten the construction cycle, friendly to the environment, environmental protection, do not destroy vegetation, can be implemented in including all kinds of climate conditions of winter in the north, to facilitate migration and recovery.

Spiral pile has been widely used in electric power tower, street lamps, signal signs, house foundation foundation, etc., and gradually apply on billboards, temporary venue, warehouse, the construction of buildings, such as independence, municipal equipment, transportation equipment, etc.