No-Wrench Screw Anchor Load Capacity

No-Wrench Screw Anchor Load Capacity

Dec 19, 2017

We are the China factory to produce no wrench screw anchor triple strand with hot dip galvanized finish.

 the guy adapter anchor rod are with forged eye head and welded with one helix plate. The load strength is based on the soil class.So when we do the installing the procedures and embedment depth must be follow on the soil class to assure the anchor load capacity.

the sizes of the no wrench screw anchor are available as below table :

Code No

Rod DiaLengthHelix DiaHelix thicknessLoad Capacity
P65301 1/4"66"10"1/412000lbs
P65501 1/4"96"10"1/4"180000lbs
  • Used for securing up to 3 guy wires at a utility pole.

  • Anchors are installed by simply turning anchor into ground. No Wrench Anchors may be driven by hand or with power equipment.

  • Eye dimensions are the same as Anchor Rods.

  • Screw anchors consist of an unthreaded triple eye rod with an angled point, and a firmly welded helix.

  • Hot dip galvanized to meet ASTM Specification A123.