how to fix anti hail net anti hail mesh on orchard system and vineyard protection

how to fix anti hail net anti hail mesh on orchard system and vineyard protection

Nov 22, 2017

To vineyard erected as an example:

Hailing vineyard erection of the main material there are three main types, that column, grid, hail network, auxiliary materials are pad, wire, cable and so on.

1 column selection

Column is to support the grid and hail mesh skeleton, play a supporting role, it must have a strong, durable features, available for more than 15 years. Optional wood, cement and stone columns of three materials.

There are two kinds of columns, one is the old garden, which is transformed by binding a wooden pole on the base of the old garden. Wood made of hardwood, can bear the weight of the grid, hail mesh and hail. Second, the new park, the production of new garden column, the length of the cement column or pillars than the original grape column increased by 60cm directly to form a hail mesh column.

2 grid and rack selection

Grid requires durable, good extension of the erection of materials, production with Ф12 wire or Ф8-10 wire erection.

Shelf wear-resistant, anti-aging, available old tire production, size 15 cm × 10cm

3 anti-hail mesh material selection

Hail mesh material requirements: ① weight to light, easy to set up; ② durable; ③ cheap; ④ little impact on light.

After years of screening, nylon mesh was eliminated due to high prices; barbed wire due to steel prices year after year, the cost of investment has been rarely used; now the production of anti-hail mesh to polyethylene network-based.

3. grape anti-hail network erection technology

Hail mesh and grape surface (scaffolding) or the top (fence) spacing of 50cm, anti-hail mesh material color is white, based on many years of experience, in order to prevent weathering and anti-aging, to extend the useful life , In the grapes under the soil buried in a timely manner after the network will be pulled to one end of the network bundle or remove the network to recover the deposit.