How does the ring eye nut?

How does the ring eye nut?

Sep 14, 2017

The eye nut is used to link the parts of the mechanical equipment, so as to achieve the hanging, lifting, suspension and other operations. It works by taking advantage of the screw and screw threads at the lower part of the eye nut and connecting them with the same thread. The suspension nut is connected with the threaded column, so as to easily lift equipment, machinery, etc. with different specifications, type and weight.

The surface treatment of the eye nut is usually divided into electroplating and heat treatment. After plating is completed, oxygen treatment shall be carried out, and the mechanical properties and chemical composition of the relevant materials shall be tested in accordance with the GB699 regulations. The rings screw industry does not have the relevant provisions to carry out surface treatment, but it can be galvanized, passivation and so on.

In the product before leaving the factory to check the thread samples, are generally used thread gauges, smooth limit gauges, universal measuring tools and other tools to measure the error of the measurement results are not allowed beyond the standard requirements. The products must be integrally forged, the forging process must be normalized, and remove the oxide after oxidation, YB27-77 standard test product crystal size should not be less than 5. The forged parts of the finished products are not allowed to overheat, crack and other defects.