anti hail system construction and set up

anti hail system construction and set up

Nov 22, 2017

Hail disaster is one of the main agricultural production disasters, hail disaster caused a large area of farmland yield and orchard harvest occurred from time to time. The host towns and villages of fruit are attacked frequently by hail. The affected fruits reduce the economic value from light, while the others are overwhelmed with food, causing great economic loss to the farmers. Fruit industry has witnessed rapid development, but the construction of disaster prevention facilities that support the fruit industry lags behind. Therefore, the capability of disaster prevention and reduction and the fight against natural disasters are seriously inadequate. In particular, the frequent hurricane and other natural disasters in many areas in the recent two years have caused great economic losses to the farmers.

An effective way to prevent hail disaster is to set up a hail-prevention net for the orchard. In the hailstones, if not defensive, fruit in the orchard, such as peaches, grapes, apples, etc., could be threatened with serious production. Hailing the orchard will not only reduce the hail disaster caused by hail, but also will not affect the photosynthesis of crops due to its light transmissivity. It is widely used in crops such as orchards, vegetables and canola, Tobacco nursery for pest control, disease prevention and other purposes, is to control all types of crops, vegetables, pests preferred.


Cement column or rough wood, anti-hail mesh, ,anti hail net, bird net, shade net ,steel cables, steel, net folder.steel earth anchor,wire tensioner ,wire collar ,wire tender to fix to the pole , wire tightener and anchor clamp to fix to the earth anchor and wire cable ,make the pole sturdy



First cement rod fixed in the orchard, erected a good main wire, side wire and diagonal cox, ridge shape, the hailstone net package to open, tied with a rope net corner, On the two slowly pull the rope forward. The hail-proof net covers the grid, the two ends of the grid hang down 2 ~ 3m and then fix it on the pole at both ends, finally, the grid is stitched to the edge wire. Stitching on both sides to be carried out at the same time, the net tension and then fixed, stitched place fixed with a net folder live.

this system will widly used for apple ,orchard,vineyard,or other fruit plant agriculture