anti hail net specification

anti hail net specification

Nov 22, 2017

Anti-hail mesh is a kind of mesh fabric made of polyethylene with anti-aging, anti-UV and other chemical additives as the main raw material. The mesh fabric is made of brushed steel and has the advantages of high tensile strength, heat resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, Non-toxic and tasteless, waste treatment and other advantages.

Chinese name hail mesh main raw material of polyethylene Features strong, heat, water chemical additives added anti-aging, anti-UV installation method hail-resistant mesh pull up tiled in the top of the vine

anti hail net or anti bird net Hail Net Covering Cultivation is a new and practical eco-friendly agricultural technology. By covering the shelving to construct artificial isolation barrier and prevent hail from being outside the net, it effectively controls all kinds of weather such as hail, frost, rain and snow and prevention Due to weather hazards. And has the function of light-transmitting, moderately light-shielding of hail-prevention net and the like, and creates favorable conditions for crop growth to ensure that the application of chemical pesticides in vegetable fields is drastically reduced so that high-quality and hygienic crops are produced and provided for the development and production of green agricultural products without pollution Strong technical assurance. Hail Network also has the ability to resist the natural storm such as storm erosion and hail attack. Hailing network is widely used in vegetables, rapeseed and other seed for isolation pollen intrusion, potatoes, flowers and other tissue culture detoxification after the cover and pollution-free vegetables, etc., can also be used in tobacco seedling for pest control, prevention Sick and so on, is currently the first choice of physical prevention and control of all kinds of crops, vegetable pests. Really allow consumers to eat "assured food" for our basket vegetable project to contribute.