Zinc Galvanized Steel Ground Rod

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Zinc Galvanized Steel Ground Rod

Galvanized steel grounding rod is through reducing cold drawing process, enhances the tensile strength, but also to maintain the toughness, the appearance of the galvanized layer is firm, strong corrosion resistance, good conductivity. Bent 180 degrees no crack, no peeling, diameter, zinc layer thickness, length can be produced according to customer requirements.

It has been widely used in power plant, substation, transmission line tower, communication base station, airport, railway, all kinds of high-rise buildings, microwave relay station, network computer room, petrochemical plants, oil storage tanks and other places of lightning protection and grounding, anti-static, protective earthing, grounding

5/8 in. x 8 ft. Galvanized Ground Rod

  • Designed for dissipating the static voltage discharge

  • Galvanized coating offers resistance to rust and corrosion

  • Tapered end easily fits in the ground



Other sizes available on request
All dimensions in mm / inches * We reserve the right to change design & construction without prior notice

Product advantage
1.Galvanized layer and the steel core to form a perfect binding, when the rod is knocked into the ground there are no bending, rupture.
2.Uniform coating, steel core anti tensile strength, good flexibility.
3.No warped skin, no Cracking, no out of touch.
4.Good and stable conductivity.

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