Galvanized Steel Wire Tensioner Strainer Wire Tightener Wire Stretcher Supplier

wire tensioner anti hail orchard post wire tender for agricultural anti hail system accessory Product Information hail protection accessory wire tender wire tensioner Wire-tightening collar concrete pole 7x7 Wire tender Size available :7X7 9X9 9X9.5 8X12 10X12 Wire tensioner is to tension the...


Galvanized Steel Wire Tensioner Strainer wire tightener wire stretcher supplier      


 Garden Fence Galvanized Steel Wire Tensioner Strainer wire tightener wire stretcher supplier


Wire tensioner, hot dipped galvanised or powder coated,  For attachment at corner or end posts.

Tensions the wire by means of an open-end wrench.

 It used in chain link fence, wire fencing, vineyard trellis and so on, to tie the wire and post.

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agricultural anti hail wire tensioner wire rope tensionerNTS017*70.4


Fence Wire Strainers /Wire Tensions/ Wire Stretchers 

Install in fence line to periodically renew tension. Heavy cast cog with spring-loaded latch. Hot dip zinc-coated frame exceeds Type III specifications. No raw uncoated steel edges.

Pull the wire at the garden fence

Rigging wire rope fastener adjustable tension wire tensioner


Size: #2 #3 #4
German type, France type and Spanish type available

agricultural anti hail wire tensioner wire rope tensioner


  • Feature:

  •           1. High Tensile Strength

  •           2. Anti-rust

  •           3. Long life

  •           4. Easy to install, save time and cost

  • We can offer you the following  Wire strainers 

  • dipped galvanized

  • 2.electric galvanized zinc

  • 3.pvc coated with dark green , black or white colour

  • agricultural anti hail wire tensioner wire rope tensioner

Our service:
Stamping Wire Tensioner Tender Fencing Connect

Company Information
We are the manufacturer with 20 years experience of galvanized steel overhead line fittings.

has become a professional manufacturer specializing in Poleline hardware, fastener, tractor parts & farm accessories and other mechanical products with serving the electrical utilities industry, automotive, agriculture and construction industry clients around the world.


We produce both a standard range as well as customer orders. We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with all of our customers. Our business concept is based on honesty and responsibility to provide our customer top quality products at reasonable price levels with prompt delivery service.



Company Information

agricultural anti hail wire tensioner wire rope tensioner

Qingdao Gold Power Machinery Co.Ltd is a  professional factory to make rigging hardware, electric power fittings, concrete forming hardware and other OEM etc, the factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters and its architectural area is 5,000 square meters, it has over 150 staff, including 5 engineers, 15 specialized Technician, two forging workshops, one mold workshop, main equipment is /630T/400T/300T/160T forging machine, air hammer, heating furnace, rolling machine, tapping machine, blasting machine and also we have welding machine and CNC machining workshop to do more process Main products comprise  Building Concrete Products(coil rod ,coil insert ,coil tie ,coil cone ,jack ,nut ,plate,scaffolding accessory,foot anchor ,lifting anchor ) Poleline accessories, Powerline fittings( like anchor rod,ground screw anchor ,no wrench anchor rod,screw anchor ,helix anchor rod ,helix pile ), anti hail accessory (wire tensioner,anchoring clamp,wire tender,wire collar wire rope ,wire strand , anti hail net,wire anchor clamp ,wire stretcher),Rigging hardware(shackle, turnbuckle ,and wire rope clip) other OEM items.

 Other sizes available on request
All dimensions in mm / inches * We reserve the right to change design & construction without prior notice

Our Services

We Supply OEM Design 

Fast Price Offer

Quick Delivery 

QA report and Material Report offered

Production Process QA offered

We tackle the Troubles and Problems For you





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